Saturday, 15 October 2011

Potassium Permanganate Play Day

Tuesday 11th October 2011 Potassium Permanganate Dyeing on behalf of Region 9 International Feltmakers Association

Thanks to all those who took part and rose to the challenge of a change of venue before battle commenced!

I have had some lovely feedback from the day:
My clothes horse has a great selection of PP bits and I was delighted to unwrap a gorgeous silk piece with amazing patterns on it when I got home.
I found the day really useful because;
a] It showed me a way to dye a felted/silk/nuno creations so that the colours would be quite subtle and harmonious.
b] An excellent way to create a vintage feel to clothes for productions.
and c] best of all a safe way to explore bleaching effects at school if I pre dye the fabric with PP.
Penny is a great tutor being very approachable, knowledgeable, and well organised.
It was a really relaxed and pleasant day with a nice group of ladies and very interesting to see the diverse variety of outcomes.
I look forward to having the opportunity to do other workshops with Penny or yourself in the near future.
Thanks again
Best regards
This was a very good workshop. We were informed of the hazards of  working with Potassium Permanganate, The format of the day was outlined, we were shown samples of what could be achieved and we all soon started dipping our fabrics into the rich purple solution and being surprised at how quickly our silks and cottons took on a satisfying brown colour, sometimes shaded and sometimes an even colour all over.
After lunch we stitched and tied, wrapped and dipped.  It was tempting to want to undo immediately to find out exactly what pattern we had made.
Then we mixed a discharge gel and stamped patterns on to the fabrics we had coloured in the morning.   We all left with many samples to use in our felt and craft work feeling confident we could repeat the process at home and with many ideas to follow up.  -   Ursula
Hello Penny,

Thank you very much for a super workshop. It was absolutely top class and I know people were very happy with what they had produced. For me, it was a dream to run as you were so organised - Melanie

Dear Penny,
Thank you for a wonderful workshop yesterday with Melanie, I love the pieces I did and fully intend to work more on them and to do more dyeing - Caroline

It was a very interesting day, nicely paced so that you felt you were achieving something but also not rushed as can happen on some courses. there was a good range of activities to get through.
many thanks & best wishes
Penny B

Feedback on course:  I really enjoyed trying out the various dyeing techniques using Potassium Permanganate, looking at the samples Penny had brought with her and chatting to the other workshop participants about dyeing and feltmaking.  It was great to come home with samples that we can incorporate into our feltwork at a later date. Thank you for a very enjoyable day.
The only disappointment was that we didn't get to make our own bomb and take it home with us (maybe I misread the course outline?)!!  I hadn't realised dyeing could be so hazardous and it has raised my coolness factor with my teenage son immeasurably!  The ideas on what we could do with citric acid also gave food for thought and I await further instruction...
Best wishes,
Many thanks to Caroline for sharing her photos